School Curriculum

We initially used curriculum developed by Kourosh Binyamin several years ago in Iran. We have now transitioned to using books developed at Tiqlat Assyrian School in Sydney, Australia under the leadership of Ms. Carmen Lazar. These make up our core curriculum. However, we also use supplementary books written by a variety of authors such as Jacob Miraziz of Australia, Joann Yousif and Youarsh Haido of Chicago, Tobia Givargis of California, and Juliet Kasha of Arizona, and many others. We have also downloaded materials from a variety of Assyrian language websites. Some of these links are available below. It is our ultimate goal to have our students become proficient in reading and writing Assyrian, which will likely take up to 10 years!


Please note that the views expressed in the websites below do not reflect the views of St. Peter Assyrian Sunday School or Assyrian Church of the East.