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Sunday School Registration Year 2017-2018: from August 07  to September 17
Start Date: September 17

 Mission Statement:

At St. Peter Assyrian School, we strive to instill into our students a scholarly rigor imbued with delight. Our mission is to teach Assyrian language and history on a background of Christian teachings of our faith as taught by the Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East. Assyrian School students are taught by men and women who model a love of learning in general, and a passion for learning the Assyrian culture in particular; and who work to cultivate in their students a sense of pride in their heritage, language and Christian belief. Here, your child is introduced to time-tested curriculum as set forth by great authors such as Rabi Kourosh Binyamin and Rabi Michael Mammoo.

Responsibility of this important work lies first and foremost with me, the Director, and extends to every person who teaches and volunteers at the school. We all work to create a safe and challenging environment for our students, and to foster open and honest relationships with parents. I believe that you will not find a team more talented, committed, and caring than the one that we have assembled here.

Please explore this website and its links even though it is work in progress. You also should not hesitate to contact us with any questions and be sure to like and follow us on face book (see link below).

May the grace of our lord and savior Jesus Christ be with you always.

Deacon Sam Abraham, Director SPAA

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